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Given up school...thrown out of the apprenticeship... messed up things... simply "can't be bothered"

Answer these questions in order to get help


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Do you still attend school? (F1)



Have you ever started an apprenticeship? (F8)



Do you have a good relationship with your parents? (F11)



Do you still live with your parents? (F13)



Are you pregnant or do you have a small child? (F12)



Do you have friends of your age? (F31)



Are you taking care of a sick family member? (F35)



Are you affected by violence or do you become violent from time to time? (F9)


Drugs & alcohol

Do you take drugs once in a while or drink too much alcohol? (F18)


Other addiction

Are you affected by internet addiction, gambling addiction, shopping addiction or the like? (F16)


Eating disorder

Do you have an eating disorder? (F30)



Do you have debts which you can't pay off? (F10)



Have you or your parents migrated from abroad to Austria? (F19)



Are you looking for a an advice centre which counsels only girls or only boys? (F34)


Reading, spelling or math disability

Do you have good reading, calculating and writing skills? (F17)

All my answers (in German) (As help in case you should come to an AMS in the near future)

Education is a moneymaker

Do you want a new iPhone and a new iPad? For your whole life? Then join the big "Education Competition". Because every further year of school gives you a higher income for the rest of your life. If you don't want learn anything, can check out under Bildung bringt’s that the chances of going to jail increase and that in future will have to rely on all sorts of smart alecs.

Video: The point I want to make

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This is how the website works

This website has the clear aim of making you smarter. We want you to either finish an apprenticeship, continue school or otherwise undergo training. In order to resolve your problem in this way, we have developed a questionnaire (see above). As a result you will find contact points that can assist you. You can print out all results and take them with you.