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Blahblahblah – think about your future – blahblahblah – make the most of yourself -– blahblahblah. It's constantly the same gibberish. Even if it's annoying. As far as education is concerned, the facts speak for themselves. In a nutshell, it can be said: education is a moneymaker. No education causes grief.. For those who'd like to know exactly what education means:

Every year a new iPhone and iPad - for the rest of your life

A current study of the German Institute for Labour Market and Professional Research has calculated the so called educational returns for Austria. Every year spent longer at school or at training thus means an annual plus of thousand euros more in your wallet. And this roughly corresponds to a brand new iPhone and an iPad. Mehr lesen…
Beruhigt schlafen

Sleeping in peace, whilst others are losing their job

The AMS statistics speak for themselves. Only 11 percent of people who have finished their apprenticeship examination in Vienna are unemployed; 36 percent without a final apprenticeship examination are unemployed - thus 3 times as many. This means nothing else but: With more education, you can give a damn about the AMS and sleep in peace, whilst others are losing their job. Mehr lesen…

Becoming smarter instead of dying in ignorance

Experts confirm it: Those who learn more at a young age. are rather willing to undergo training at a later point in life. And this is virtually a guarantee for a good job. And, between ourselves: It is quite simply a good feeling to have more knowledge and skills than other people. Mehr lesen…
Das erreichte Niveau der Erstausbildung, also Schul- bzw. Berufsausbildung, ist nach wie vor einer der „verlässlichsten“ und damit stärksten Prädiktoren für Weiterbildungsbeteiligung bzw. -abstinenz. Während drei Viertel (65%) aller Weiterbildungsabstinenten nur über einen Pflichtschul- (27,2%) oder einen Lehrabschluss (38,5%) verfügen, setzt sich ein etwa gleich großer Anteil (64%) der TeilnehmerInnen aus Personen mit höheren Schulabschlüssen (AHS/BHS: 30%) bzw. akademischen Titeln (Universität, FH) zusammen.

Kiss only handsome boys and girls

Numerous studies have demonstrated that people with a higher level of education enjoy healthier and longer lives. The meaning between the lines is: Being healthier also implies a better look and thus more chances with handsome boys and girls. And if a serious relationship arises from this, couples with a higher level of education have more money at their disposal - for dream journeys or lovely children. Mehr lesen…

Walking through life with your head held high. Being able to say no.

"Shall this be a joke? Certainly not with me! People with a higher level of education find it easier to say no - amongst other things to a miserable job offer. For the simple reason that they have a better choice of jobs. And higher education opens up more chances of becoming self-employed. At that point you will be your own boss! Mehr lesen…
Bundesministerium für Familien und Jugend: Sechster Bericht zur Lage der Jugend in Österreich

Learning ensures that you don't end up in prison.

What is rather remarkable: Two thirds of all criminals have completed no more than the compulsory school. Only eight percent of the prison inmates have acquired a school leaving certificate or undergone a higher education. Education is thus the best protection against crimes. Mehr lesen…

What? Don't understand!

You hear any news in the radio which you simply don't understand. In the presence of friends you can make fun of this. And you can lie to yourself for a certain while ("What do I need this for?"), but a some time you will have the strange feeling the world is passing you by and that you simply don't understand anything. What remains are two possibilities: To trust a know-it-all who explains the world the way he sees it. Or to rather see for yourself. Mehr lesen…

If you help yourself, Austria will help you

Every human has his problems. This is tue for all of us. Whether we are beautiful or ugly, poor or rich, born in Austria or elsewhere. The only difference between is is how we handle our obstacles. Some people have acquired the skills which are necessary to possibly get help whilst others haven't. They have failed due to certain forms, the AMS or whatever else. But whatever it might be: More and better help than in Austria exists virtually nowhere else in the world.

More education means to work less

At least less physically demanding works. In this way, the "wise persons" remain longer fit also in old age and do not need to get retired so urgently. Mehr lesen…
Wer nach der Pflichtschule nichts mehr gelernt hat, bekommt dreimal so häufig im ganzen Leben nur einen Hilfsarbeiterjob. Und diese sind mit körperlich anstrengenden Arbeiten verbunden. Und fünfmal so oft kriegen sie überhaupt keinen Job. Und das macht arm und krank.
Nie zu alt zum Lernen

"I'm already too old and can't learn anything more!"

What a bullshit! We have an inborn tendency to learn. Already as a child we have learned. Every second. With great joy and incredible patience. Learning decreases only to a minimal extent with age - except if one doesn't want to learn something new.